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Acupuncture for Cancer Patients

At Natural BodyWorks we strive to help people live a good life, free of pain, suffering and discomfort.  Many times, some of the procedures and medicines taken to help you get back to health have some pretty uncomfortable side effects.  This is what acupuncture can help.

I have treated many patients that were in chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  One of the best results we seen is when both the Western /Modern modalities work with the Eastern/traditional therapies. Acupuncture has proven to decrease vomiting, nausea, and soreness with cancer therapies that people are subject to.   Many want to see definite research on HOW and WHY acupuncture helps people.  The problem arises because in acupuncture and more natural or holistic therapies the INDIVIDUAL is taken into account so you will only have empirical evidence and benefit on a one by one case.  Each person’s constitution is unique, so is their disease and their response to it and the care (medicine)  Your body reacts differently than anyone else’s in regard to emotional changes, spiritual changes, physical, chemical and physiological reaction.

How can acupuncture help-

According to neuroscience studies, we find some change in the hypothalamus and pituitary (a master gland in your skull) that create chemicals to help the body function properly.  The result is changes in blood pressure, immune factors in the blood and even changes in body temperature that can be beneficial in the healing process.

National Library of Medicine’s statement on the value of acupuncture in cancer care.

In our office in Parker, Colorado we first start with a peaceful and healing atmosphere, we want you to feel better every time you leave.  That is an essential part.  Next is the treatment itself.  I use points (of the 365 traditional points) that are unique to you and your situation, these may change as you show progress in treatments, but generally remain about the same.  We also make sure you are very comfy and relaxed for the treatment with nice calming music and a darkened room to help you rest and let the needles do the work they are designed to.  Next we may give you specific breathing or visualization exercises to promote the points and help the whole body participate in the healing process.

National Cancer Institute’s recommendation on cancer care and acupuncture

Of course we appreciate the ‘Western’ explanation of how and why acupuncture works for people with cancer, but it still does not take into consideration the whole person, nor the fact that each person is a unique energetic being that is in a unique healing situation.   One of the best individual reports we have seen in practice is that when accompanied by regular acupuncture and or chiropractic care people tend to use less medicine for pain, nausea, and other symptoms related to cancer therapy.   Also, because most of the cancer treatments are really heat related they tend to dry out your system and acupuncture can help you better maintain a good balance of water in the body reducing dry skin, eyes and mouth.

We are here to help, and want to see you feel better.  I have treated many people over the years with cancer and other chronic diseases and would like to help you if we can.  Call now to set up a free consultation and we can get you feeling like yourself again.


Dr. Sean H. Thompson