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03 Aug 2013

Learn to meditate! Mindfulness, calm, breathing…

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We are introducing a time for people familiar with meditation or who just want to ‘jump’ in. We will gently sit for two or three 20 minute sessions. With the single ring of the bell, mindfully break and walk, stretch, or re-center.

Remember, it is important to meditate 20 minutes a day unless you are very busy, then you should sit for an hour.  Check our meetup group.

Meditation at Natural BodyWorks LLC is taught by Dr. Sean Thompson, who taught meditation at Buddhist Temples in Southern California for over seven years before coming to Colorado.  Dr. Sean Learned meditation in the Vipassana and Samatha traditions as taught by his master teacher (Abbot)Ven. Chao Chu of the Rosemead Buddhist Monastery.  Dr. Thompson was ordained as a Buddhist Minister on June 6, 2006 by the International Order of Buddhist Ministers, having is primary teacher being Ven. Walpola Piyananda, Ven. Chao Chu, Ven. Dao Yuan of Arizona, Ven. Dao Chuan, and is currently learning more from Venerable Lama Jigme Dorge of the Khawalung Monastery in Kathmandu Nepal.

Dr. Thompson is currently working on a relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project here in Colorado so he may offer some form of Mindfulness and mediation training to our returning soldiers, as well as those with PTSD and other physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual upheaval.  This work will be based on the Hagakure book written to advise Samurai on mindfulness in battle and the life of service.

Some of the classes that Dr. Thompson has taught at the ‘Parker Meditation Practice Group’ as part of “Rocky Mountain Mediation” include; Breathing and breath, Stepping Into the light, Turning INTO the body, Raising your vibrational tone, Healing meditation, Eating meditation, Walking Meditation, and others.  Please check out our Meetup Group as listed above or call us for more information 720-325-9886.  We would love to see you soon!

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