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Chiropractic Care Parker Colorado

Chiropractic Care Parker Colorado

Call or TEXT NOW for an appointment or free consult 720-325-9886  You don’t have to be in pain to reap the benefits of Chiropractic care. It is well known that regular adjustments help you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. However, for those times you have lost the battle with gravity, our care programs address your pain and discomfort. We work first at getting you out of pain, and then help you strengthen those muscles to get you back to the things you want to do.

Natural BodyWorks’ basis of care comes from the science, study and practice of all things natural, honoring the natural processes of the body, while taking into account the physical, chemical and mental-emotional aspects of dis-ease and discomfort.
Of course you can look up the definition of Chiropractic on any site, and there are so many that have great ones. But, the way we work needs a definition for itself.
We ascribe to a model of care that takes into consideration the whole person. Most injuries, especially when chronic (meaning you have had it for more than a month)will have a physical component, a chemical component and a mental component. We make it a practice to look at all the injuries, medicines, surgeries, operations and health challenges you have had up to the point we join in your care.  That way you can be sure to get whole person care, not just care for ‘that one point’.

About Dr. Sean H. Thompson
Dr. Thompson has nearly 20 years experience in the treatment of children and adults as well as the geriatric and severely injured. He specializes in very gentle one-on-one treatments, and prides himself on the detail and thoroughness of his work.
His Chiropractic training consisted of detailed anatomy, neurology and physiotherapy techniques to help his patients. He also studied nerve injuries like sciatica, neuropathy, and numbness, muscle injury and natural healing. Later, he taught anatomy, physiology and massage therapy at the college level in California and served as a technique clinician at his alma mater, CCCLA.

Post Surgical care and chronic conditions

After you have had surgery or an injury and have gone to therapy or were released to heal, you may need support to help the whole body ‘come back together’.  For example a sprained ankle can heal on its own, but the working out of that injury and stress will travel up the body (the Kinetic Chain) and fixate in the lower back or elsewhere.  EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!  But wait…  Surgery?  what is a post surgical chiropractic adjustment?
We do not work directly on an area that has had surgery, we work around it.  We make sure that if you had knee surgery that your ankle, foot, hip and lower back are in a proper alignment to allow easier accommodation and compensation of a knee that is no longer going to function as the original.  (assuming an original was healthy)


Acupuncture:  We use Five Element style, Korean hand acupuncture, Ear acupuncture, electrical stim with acupuncture as well as ‘Motor Point/Dry needling, Medical Acupuncture” for some issues

Chiropractic:  Diversified, Thompson, Sacro Occipital Technique (S.O.T), Gonestead, Activator Methods, Active Release, Respiratory Release, Post Isometric Relaxation, Meric Recoil, Full Spine Specific,

Chiropractic Parker Colorado