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Fees and Insurance

Tired of wondering how much it will cost for a treatment?   

We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards, HSA cards, and some insurances:  Deductibles, Copays, Coinsurance payments will apply.  You MAY receive a bill later depending on your coverage.

Using Insurance?  You will have copays, co-insurance, deductibles and amounts due for uncovered services.  If you only want covered services, your visits will be about 10 minutes long.  Sorry for that inconvenience.  This is the best guess we can give.  Insurance companies over the past couple of years have been telling patients that they are covered, but when we bill them the services are denied.  We then have to bill the patient and those fees can be steep.

Your insurance coverage is between you and your insurance company.  We have NO idea what or if they will pay.  Best bet, you pay our fee, we give you a statement.  Contact your insurance company and try and get reimbursed.  

Fees: (Time of service*)

  • First Visit Evaluation Minimum $49 (does NOT include treatment)
  • Dr’s Choice:  Whatever it takes to make you feel better today (Chiropractic, a little trigger point work, heat, muscle stim) $49
  • Acupuncture or Dry Needling: About 30 minutes of bliss… $60
  • Massage: Go after those spasms, focused, NOT full body $60
  • Coaching: Laser coaching, by appointment, $75
  • Meditation training (Private, Guided and personalized) $75

Terms and Details for insurance Coverage:

Insurance does cover some Chiropractic care, we will only bill chiropractic adjustments and examinations to your insurance company, all other services are payable by cash, check or credit card.

Non Covered Amounts:

Some services we provide are covered by SOME insurance policies.  We have no way of knowing which services are covered when you receive them.  It is our responsibility to treat you the patient and offer and supply the most effective services for your condition, not just the ones that your insurance decides to pay for.  We will work with you for payment plans, and offer options to all of our care choices.  You, however are responsible for all payments for all services at our offices.  You can see our financial agreement that you signed at the time of your first visit for more…


We base our fees on the lowest levels allowed under Medicare and Workers Compensation fee schedules.  We do not make any deals that absolve you from paying our fees.  No matter who tells you so.  Our fees are an agreement between you and Natural BodyWorks LLC.  Even if insurance is used for payment, it may only pay a partial amount; you are responsible for the remainder of the bill.  The only exceptions to this are contracts we have with insurance plans.  But non covered services may still be charged and payable by you.  Fees can be confusing, once insurance is involved it can get even more so.

*Time of service discount applies only if paid at the time of service.  Our billed fees are significantly different.

We are here to help, we are committed that you get the best and most for your hard earned money.  Feel free to call or email for info on your care.

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