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02 Apr 2015

Learning Mindfulness

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Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are really the same thing.  These days, it is very hip to teach mindfulness.  We even see now Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certifications and classes throughout the country.  Here at Natural BodyWorks we have developed a Buddhist practice based meditation and mindfulness training and practice program that anyone can attend.

We are offering a half day Beginners introduction to mindfulness and meditation as a daily practice.  This workshop is offered four times a year for a simple fee of $35.  It includes a lunch meal that we will use as part of the meditation practice.  The entire workshop is six hours, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m.

Each workshop will discuss the basics of meditation practice, points to consider, pitfalls, hindrances and tips for success.  Then after each section a brief meditation practice.  Each session is about 20 minutes of sitting.  We do offer a couple different sitting options, chairs, cushions etc.  You may (and are encouraged to) bring your own as this is a great anchor for meditation.

This practice, when done on a daily basis can help with; anxiety, depression, panic attacks, worry, frustration, sense of loss, grieving, loss of motivation, feeling lost, adrift, pointless, upset, afraid, etc… This list goes on and on.  How can it do all that???  Well, we can basically boil all of those to some basics in the concept of suffering, especially the Four Noble Truths and what we call in Buddhist practice The Three Poisons; greed, ignorance, and hatred… (or if we are thinking in the Tibetan philosophical genre, add pride and jealousy) .  With a simple commitment to practice even a couple minutes a day, and then meet with a group to sit and extend the practice and build on it you will definitely see changes in your concept of reality itself.  You will become calm and peaceful… Composed even in the most difficult mental situations.

We often speak of ‘monkey mind’.  We think of it as a bad thing, this monkey running around and tearing everything up, throwing poop and causing all kinds of rukus.  The monkey is actually a friend, and when you can free your monkey with a little wisdom, the entire world becomes your playground, the universe is your HOME… You are as much a part of the goings on in the world as they are of your consciousness.  As we practice, we find that the mind naturally calms, naturally relaxes and can see things as they ARE, without judgement or stress.  That is the life you want, isn’t it?

Of course, this is not easy.  It is simple though and it just takes repetition.  Just like your worry mind that repeats all kinds of bad things to you and even wakes you up in the middle of the night to remind you of them.  Imagine if your set point, your HABIT was calm composure, peaceful observance… This would give you time to respond wisely and efficiently to any challenge.

So, come on by, check out out  weekly sitting times (they are free!)  and learn to be calm, happy and well…

Dr. Sean

Natural BodyWorks LLC,

Rocky Mountain Meditation and Rocky Mountain Dharma

12539 N. hwy 83, unit b, Parker Colorado  80134



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