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Massage Parker Colorado

Massage Parker Colorado



Bull’s Eye:  Going after those points you have in your shoulders, back, neck or lower back are important to alignment, muscle relaxation and posture.  A general massage does not have the time to go after muscle spasms, triggerpoints, or knots.  This one does.  Deep work, focused on the point.

“Deep Tissue” has become a “buzz word” in the massage world, most people that have had deep tissue tell us about the pain during the massage and the ache afterward, although it can happen, I believe that is too forceful.  One of the first rules I have for deep tissue, is… IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HURT YOU!  The idea is to get to deeper tissues, not with force, but with skill…  I have often called this the ‘Meat Off The Bone’ technique. We go for the deeper sets of fibers, trigger-points and scar tissue. Each session is a slow progression of work to find and release those tight spots and work on old injury or scarring.

This therapeutic technique  is generally offered in 5 to 10 sessions, (discounts for multiple bookings) and may need more depending on how deep we can get and severity or duration of your individual condition.  Mild soreness can be expected and occasional bruising, but it is not designed to create more muscle damage or pain.  You should experience more lightness in movement and ‘opening’ of the area.  Occasionally a more stubborn spasm will stay and fight back, for this we suggest dry needling and electrical stimulation.  Click here for fees

Notice about Massages:  Your appointment will start when scheduled whether you are there or not.  If it is your first visit, please come early as there is a couple pages of paperwork to fill out and to give yourself time to change and prepare for the massage.  This way you can enjoy the massage for your full appointment time and not have to rush!

Generally massage is done face down on our soft and warm table in our amazingly relaxing cozy room.  Your massage will have a few minutes of moist heat to loosen muscles and improve blood flow.  This also helps the oils cover and soak in to the skin, nourishing and relaxing it further.  A typical massage will be 35 minutes, which is more than enough time to get to all the parts that need work.  This is not a spa massage, and not intended for whole body care, we like to focus on the areas that need it most.  You will have over 20 years of experience on your side.    Enjoy!

Massage Parker Colorado: