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Acupuncture and scar tissue

Acupuncture and scar tissue:   What is scar tissue? Generally, scar tissue is an unorganized replacement filler tissue that holds together a region of damage or injury.  It is a fibrous cellular form of connective tissue that, if on the surface, usually has no hair, sweat glands and occasionally no nerves.  Sometimes the nerve endings.. read more →

Acupuncture for cancer patients

I often am asked what acupuncture is good for.  The answer is actually as broad as that question.  Acupuncture is very old.  Recent findings in texts put acupuncture around 2,000 years old, but when you take into account other evidence (Otzi the iceman) you see acupuncture evidence, that is over 5,000 years! Acupuncture is good.. read more →