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“I have chronic headaches that take so much out of my day I was nearly suicidal/homicidal! I have had imitrex and other drugs that help a little. This one occasion it got so bad I just doped myself up as much as I could but then did something to my upper back while out goofing off all hopped up on my pain killers. I went to Natural BodyWorks to get a quick adjustment. Dr. Sean and I got talking about headaches and I explained my whole drama. He offered to do dry needling on me. I was afraid of the needles at first but wow. I think I am hooked!! I have never had this much relief after the treatment. It seems to be lasting. I had a treatment about four days ago and I barely feel any headache like I usually do. Dr. Sean sold me on dry needling for sure, that stuff works!”
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Minki T –
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“Jill is a fantastic Coach! I was attracted to her sensitivity and compassion. She helped me with an emotional matter with my 3 year old. Through her coaching, we have experienced results that may have taken a lifetime to reach! And…it was all done through e-coaching and on the phone!”   RJ — North Carolina

“First of all, I had no idea how many knots I had… but to find out how good I feel without them is the real treat…”  JZ — Foxfield, CO

“I have not felt this relaxed and calm in a long long time…” Julie — Centennial CO

“Dr. Sean & Jill, you two have such wonderful energy and spirit.  I just felt great after the healing touch you both provided me today. I feel so renewed after coming in to see you.  Your practice is sure to be a huge success!!!”
Kim – Parker, CO

“Dr. Sean is great! He really takes the tine to be sure the treatments are working and gears them to what works best for you. You will love the way you are treated! Jill is also a super trainer and Life Coach. Their office can provide everything you need in wellness.”
Wayne – Aurora, CO

Jill is a fantastic Coach! I was attracted to her sensitivity and compassion. She helped me with an emotional matter with my 3 year old. Through her coaching, we have experienced results that may have taken a lifetime to reach! And…it was all done through e-coaching and on the phone!
RJ – North Carolina

“I’ve been working with Dr. Sean on an as needed basis for over 5 years, and he’s just TOPS! I was suffering some pretty serious shoulder and hip pain. I had been X-rayed and MRI’d to within an inch of my life, and diagnosed with some frightening ‘old people’ afflictions with big, scary names (I’m only in my 30’s!) by a joint specialist. (When I say ‘specialist’, I mean $pecialist). I was injected with a bunch of cortisone, which was both expensive and useless. Still in constant pain, I hobbled into Dr. Sean’s office…he gave me a thorough ‘going over’. Bent me, stretched me (“does this hurt?”, “How about this?”), and then proceeded to explain that I had a problem with one muscle group that ran from my shoulder to my hip. And THAT was the source of my achey-breaky troubles. His treatment for me was a combination of adjustments and stretches. He got me solid on my feet in no time.
Brenna – CA

“Dr. Sean’s attention to detail and holistic approach to healing is phenomenal. During our sessions he is completely attentive to me and explains his findings in an easy to understand format. Together we are exploring ways to heal more than what was damaged by my auto accident. But more importantly carve a path to a healthier lifestyle for me.
Oliver – Los Angeles, CA

“Following just ONE Coaching session with Jill, I had an amazing weekend! A better weekend, in fact, than I have had in YEARS. I laughed…really LAUGHED for the first time in many years. The coaching process is not always easy, but it is very powerful, and life changing. I’m getting better by the day! Woohoo!!”
Connie – CO

“During our coaching sessions, Jill created a safe place for me to explore my issues, fears and thoughts completely free of judgment. I truly appreciate how she “normalizes” the phases I am going through. Without her Coaching, I’m not sure I could stay on track with all the emotions that have come up. I am so grateful for her honesty and integrity.”
MA – Colorado

“I have been going to Chiropractors since I was young. Nearly 50 years. Now, I have found the last Chiropractor I will ever need…unless I outlive him!
Mr. B, Retired Police Officer

“I went to Dr. Thompson to have him check my daughter for what I thought was simple back pain. Turns out, she had an infection that our family Dr. had missed. How Dr. Sean found it, I don’t know…and I don’t care. He saved my daughter from lots of suffering and pain. Thank you!!
Ms. R – CA

Jill has been instrumental in helping me recognize, then overcome unhealthy behaviors and attitudes that were not serving me. These changes have helped to give my life real meaning
Laura – Castle Rock, CO

The moment I heard Jill’s voice as me “what’s going on?” I knew I was home. Her approach to coaching is both no-nonsense and exceptionally sensitive. Jill listens with great sensitivity to what is being said, and is an avid reader of what is between the lines. Jill’s greatest gift is reassuring you that you already have the answers, its just a matter of finding them. My whole world is bursting open. Thank you, Jill!
Carrie – Boston, MA