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30 Jan 2014

The difference between coaching and therapy…

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Counseling or therapy is widely used by people thinking or feeling ‘something is wrong’ with them.  It can be a useful tool to find out what you have stuck to and what needs to be let go of, dealt with, or resolved before you go on.  Jill Thompson, Personal Development Coach likens it to archeology.  Archeology is digging in your ‘dirt’ to see what was left in the past.  In Jill’s coaching practice she prefers the concept of ‘Architecture’, whereby you can BUILD a better future from where you ARE now.  This is a very important distinction to bring when you sit for a session with Jill.  This is a plan to move forward with what you have and how to creatively cultivate a good life, relationship, career, or even just a day with sensible, wise decisions that YOU make from your own mind.

A powerful tool to help you really BE your purpose and live into that.  Design your life on your own terms, not based on the past or what you have been told or have believed… but what you really want.  Jill Thompson is a well trained and experienced life coach and motivational trainer that works in Parker Colorado.  She has helped many businesses, individuals, couples, and family units build a better future, create a life of love, compassion, joy, peace and success in ways many cannot quantify with words alone.  Please call her for a consult when you are ready to begin living the way you know you can and should.

Only those that are ready will call and chat, we know that.  Jill can help you ‘tap in’ to your own real issues and face them, honestly and calmly.  Guiding you through your own experience into a real place of happiness, calm and adventure!

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