Services and Fees

We offer;

Chiropractic, both traditional adjustments and non or gentle force manipulations of the spine and other joints.

Acupuncture using Hua To and Five element systems of the old style Korean and Chinese methods.

Dry Needling (actually it IS acupuncture) also known as Ah-Shi style.  Also known as Motor Point Needling.

Gua Sha scraping technique for general illness and muscle spasms.

Cupping (no fire used) to help bring up toxins and help the body cycle through any buildup.

Meditation and mindfulness practice and training. 

Electrical stimulation for muscle spasms, congestion of muscles and soreness. 

Time of Service Fees for Cash, Check, Credit Card, FSA, and Health Savings Accounts:   

First visit with treatment $98.00

Follow Up Visit:  Chiropractic:  $49.00

Follow Up Visit: Acupuncture:  $60.00

Other therapies and services are are determined with need.  This is 'Time of Service' ONLY .  Insurance billing can be significantly different as diagnosis is included.     Deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance applies.   

Package deals are available at significant discount.   Details are available in the office. 

Reports and records:  We charge for record copies as according to Colorado law.  Fees are as follows: $18.53 for the first 10 pages, postage will be included.  After 10 pages, each page is an extra 85 cents each.   You must pay for copies before they are provided.   Report of findings with diagnosis and opinion is $325.00 , 

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